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    • [英語論文] 就大學英語課堂中沉默現象的探究_英語論文.docx

      Silence phenomenon is a common situation in college English classrooms which has attracted the attention of many scholars and researchers at home and abroad. It not only affects the quality and progress of the English class in a way but also...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6327 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 交際教學法在高中英語閱讀教學中應用狀況的調查和研究_英語論文.doc

      With the wide application of CLT in Chinese English teaching, there has been many research about the CLT and its application. This paper presents the theory of CLT and English reading teaching and relevant studies of combination of them. Wha...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:10358 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 基于新媒體環境下雅思聽力學習策略調查研究_英語論文.doc

      In this study, non-English major students from Bohai University, Jinzhou City, were interviewed in depth. The results show that students' use of direct strategies is better than that of indirect strategies. At the same time, students can ana...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:11273 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 關聯理論視角下《圍城》隱喻翻譯研究_英語論文.docx

      Since Sperber and Wilson's relevance theory was outlined in 1986. It was first used to study human communication and cognition. After that, it has been widely applied to numerous kinds of communication, such as literature, advertisement, tra...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6722 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 腐朽社會下女權的悲哀_英語論文.docx

      Becky and Wang Xifeng are ambitious women who are rarely seen in that pedantic era. This ambition is not limited to managing household chores and accepting the admiration of other women. What they really want is to surpass the men and let th...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:7226 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 東西方人際關系差異要素探析_英語論文.doc

      Society is made up of many different kinds of individuals and social organizations. There are different kinds of relationships between them. Before discussing the differences between eastern and western countries, it is necessary to theoreti...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6844 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 大學生遠程英語學習焦慮的調查研究_英語論文.doc

      This chapter introduces the background information of foreign language anxiety and learning English through distance education, the purpose of this thesis, the significance of the research and the basic structure of this paper....

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:10224 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 初中英語教學思維可視化研究_英語論文.docx

      In the first part, it chiefly describes the research background and significance of thinking visualization. The second part gives a brief introduction to the definition and technical advantages of thinking visualization. The third part of th...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:7322 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] XX省旅游景點英語翻譯研究_英語論文.doc

      Tourist attractions have always been called "the face of cities", and their role is equivalent to a "business card" presented to foreign tourists about the image of cities in China. Therefore, the quality of English translation in tourist at...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:8328 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] XX地區的自然拼讀法教學策略的研究_英語論文.docx

      The sixth chapter gives suggestions to solve the problems in the application of Phonics in English pronunciation teaching in primary and secondary schools. In conclusion, after the experiments and analysis, most of the teachers realize the i...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:11830 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 《最藍的眼睛》和《所羅門之歌》中造成母性畸形原因及對子女的影響.doc

      The first chapter tells about the external causes of the distortion of the maternal characters in the two works. The second chapter tells about the internal causes of the distortion of maternal roles, that is, the historical background. The ...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6127 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 《追風箏的人》中主人公的成長歷程_英語論文.doc

      Based on the novel, this paper expounds the change process of the protagonist Amir’s self-seeking via three stages: the loss and anxiety of the protagonist's self-identity, the gradual awakening of his self-consciousness, and the final sel...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:7761 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 《呼嘯山莊》中希斯克利夫的扭曲人格分析_英語論文.docx

      Wuthering Heights is a novel about the tragic love story between foundling Heathcliff and Catherine. Due to reality, Heathcliff’ favorite girl Catherine, finally chose to marry Linton who is wealthy and noble. As a result, the maltreated H...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:7213 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 《格列佛游記》中的諷刺手法_英語論文.docx

      Jonathan Swift was a satirist who was named as one of the greatest creators in world literature by Gorky. He was known for Gulliver's Travels which was divided into four parts. The novel described that Gulliver had traveled these four countr...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:7106 上傳日期:2022-02-28
    • [英語論文] 中美影視作品中的英雄主義對比研究_英語論文.docx

      Heroism is an eternal topic of films and TV series. As carriers of culture, films and TV series are the best form of popular media to convey the moral values embodied by heroic characters. This study presents a classification of classic scre...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6728 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 中國茶文化及其對日韓茶文化的影響_英語論文.doc

      As is known to all, China is the origin of tea and also the first country to discover and use tea. The world’s oldest tea tree tea is also found in China’s Yunnan province. In the past, our ancestors also left us a lot of classic books o...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:4414 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 肢體語言及其在英語教學中的應用_英語論文.docx

      Body language plays an important role not only in daily communication but also in English teaching. Taking the characteristic of students and the teaching purposes into consideration, teachers have to try to stimulate the students’ interes...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:8714 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 英語專業大學生線上學習效率調查報告_英語論文.doc

      This chapter concentrates on the research background, the primary purpose of the research and its significance, In the meantime, the overall structure of the paper is also presenting at the end of this chapter....

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:11053 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 英漢禁忌語的對比分析_英語論文.doc

      The third chapter expounds the differences between English and Chinese taboo words based on the theory of taboo words. And part of it is about the common traits of English and Chinese taboo words, because in cultural exchanges, people should...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6560 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 以科爾伯格道德發展理論簡析哈克道德發展_英語論文.docx

      As a classic youth growth novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn mainly describes the growth experience of an intrepid boy Huck. The author uniquely used the first person as the narrator of the novel. Specifically, the storyline of the en...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6317 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 顏色詞的跨文化翻譯_英語論文.docx

      For one thing, over the years, first and foremost, in terms of physical aspect, colors have been playing a vital role in every aspect of human life. They affect people both externally and internally, that is, physically and psychologically. ...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6950 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 外宣翻譯中的政治意識_英語論文.docx

      International publicity translation is a special type of translation, we must face to the international society and introduce China to the world and let the world know more about China. Since our country’s reform and opening-up policy, we ...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6754 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 提高高中學生英語口語能力的方法_英語論文.docx

      Since the 21st century, with the continuous updating of scientific knowledge, Chinese social economy has been developed in the context of globalization. As an international language, English is used widely in various fields all over the worl...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6840 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 探究思維導圖在農村初中英語閱讀中的應用_英語論文.doc

      In recent years, with the increasing application of mind map in teaching, there have been some studies on mind map in English teaching in China. But in rural middle school English teaching, the use of mind map is less, and there is very litt...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6312 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 任務型教學法在高中英語教學中的應用_英語論文.docx

      The purpose of this paper is to understand the practical application of task-based language teaching in high school, the effect of task-based language teaching in classroom implementation and the problems in the implementation process. Final...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6955 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 淺析學習者的認知差異對高中英語教學的啟示_英語論文.doc

      This paper introduces different cognitive theories, briefly describe different cognitive characteristics and their effects on teaching, and how teachers design teaching plan for high school students.The teacher should use teaching methods fl...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6082 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 淺析美國文化在美劇中的體現-以《破產姐妹》為例_英語論文.doc

      The American sitcom, Two Broken Girls,has received widespread welcome since it was released. The story was set in Brooklyn after the financial Crisis in 2008, one of the girl’s broken was related to the Ponzi scheme. The whole story was te...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:7010 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 淺析初中英語教學中人文素質教育現狀_英語論文.docx

      The most basic humanistic quality is the concentrated reflection of humanistic attainment, which is mainly demonstrated in the understanding of life, the value of life and the spiritual pursuit. Humanistic quality education is the process of...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:5854 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 淺談任務型教學法在英語教學中的應用_英語論文.doc

      As for TBLT, some specific tasks must be designed for students to complete, and students are able to better learn English by finishing the tasks and showing the results of them, instead of measuring by performance in traditional teaching. It...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6170 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    • [英語論文] 淺談農村初中英語教學的現存問題及對策_英語論文.docx

      Nowadays, the overall development of the world shows the trend of multi polarization and economic globalization, and the communication between different countries becomes closer. Since the reform and opening up, with the continuous developme...

      資料包含:完整論文 所需金幣1000 資料字數:6944 上傳日期:2022-02-27
    ? 校花强奷很舒服好爽好爽
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