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      資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:白鯨 更新時間:2017-11-03
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      Reading comprehension plays a vital role in English learning, especially for the students in senior high schools. However, the traditional English reading class is dominated by the teacher and students are encouraged to follow the teacher’s footsteps , In consequence, most of the students cannot improve their English reading proficiency as required in The English Curriculum. 

      Cooperative Learning emphasizes the importance of education as a process for  students to learn cooperatively in a relaxing and harmonious environment. In a cooperative learning class, the teacher is not the only resource of knowledge and the students should communicate and discuss with each other for knowledge acquisition.

      In this study, an experiment is made to investigate the effects of cooperative learning on English reading.  The subjects in the experiment are the Grade one students from two classes of Zhenjiang No.1 Middle School. The experimental class is asked to make use of the Cooperative Learning method, while the control class was still be taught by the traditional reading strategies. Analysis of the data from questionnaires and some students interviews shows that Cooperative Learning can promote senior students’ reading ability and it can be applied to English reading teaching in senior high schools. 


      Keywords:Cooperative Learning; English reading teaching; senior high schools







      Chapter One  INTRODUCTION-1

      1.1 Research Background-1

      1.2 Significance of the Study-1

      Chapter Two  LITERATURE REVIEW-3

      2.1 Cooperative Learning-3

      2.1.1 The Definition of Cooperative Learning-3

      2.1.2 Previous Research on Cooperative Learning-3

      2.1.3 The Theoretical Basis of Cooperative Learning-4

      2.1.4 Benefits of Cooperative Learning-4

      2.2 English Reading Teaching in Senior High School-5

      2.2.1 Significance of English Reading-5

      2.2.2 The Status Quo of English Reading Teaching-5

      2.2.3 Application of Cooperative Learning to English Reading Class-5

      Chapter Three  METHODOLOGY-7

      3.1 Research Questions-7

      3.2 Research Design-7

      3.2.1 Context-7

      3.2.2 Subjects-7

      3.2.3 Instruments-8

      3.3 Data Collection-9

      Chapter Four  RESULTS AND DISCUSSION-1-

      4.1 Reading Achievements-1-

      4.2 Questionnaires-11

      4.3 Analysis of Interviews-13

      4.4 Advantages and Problems of Implementing Cooperative Learning-13

      4.4.1 Advantages of Cooperative Learning-13

      4.4.2Problems in Cooperative Learning-14

      Chapter Five  CONCLUSION-15

      5.1 Major Results of the Present Study-15

      5.2 Implications of the Study-16

      5.3 Limitations of the Study-17

      5.4 Suggestions for Future Study-17



      上傳會員 白鯨 對本文的描述:在本論文中,將開展一實驗,其目的在于調查合作學習理論對英語閱讀教學的作用。實驗對象為來自于鎮江第一中學的高一兩個班的學生。其中,實驗組的學生(即15班)在英語閱讀課堂......
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