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      資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:白鯨 更新時間:2017-11-11
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      Abstract: This paper investigates the black women’s way to freedom under the oppression of gender and race prejudice in The Color Purple. With detailed analysis in various aspects, Celie is proved unable to survive the cruel oppression with her obedience and is praised for her awakening and daring to struggle in the later stage. Sofia is proved a brave woman who dares to resist the oppression to get independence and freedom in her marriage but it is impossible for her to get real freedom in the society. This paper also endorses her forbearing under the white’s domination and her rethinking. Through the analysis and comparison of Celie and Sofia’s character and fate, it can be revealed that under the deeply ingrained gender and race oppression, black women can open the door to independence and freedom through brave struggle. Only when they think over the relationships between the black and the white and try their best to change such situation will they achieve real freedom.

      Key words: The Color Purple; race prejudice; freedom; character





      ?. Introduction-1

      1.1 A Brief Introduction to Alice Walker-1

      1.2 A Brief Literary Review of The Color Purple-1

      2. Celie’s Way to Freedom-2

      2.1 Ignorance of Fighting----Sufferings and Pain-2

      2.2 Awakening of Fighting----Success in Obtaining Freedom-4

      3. Sofia’s Way to Freedom-5

      3.1 Fight and Freedom in Marriage-5

      3.2 Fight and Failure Against the White-6

      3.3 Persistence in Fighting and Reflection-7

      4. Conclusion-8



      上傳會員 白鯨 對本文的描述:本文對紫色中的兩位黑人女性形象進行了分析,旨在探索黑人女性在性別和種族歧視下的生存之法。通過多方面分析,文章證明西麗的逆來順受無法使其在殘酷的壓迫下獲得自主并贊揚......
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