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      資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:小妖 更新時間:2018-02-24
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      Abstract:Mark Twin was a famous writer and speech-maker. The book Hard Years talked about the hardships of life and the efforts of opus with the Chinese who lived in American and the book has a great influence on Chinese people in the paper. The Chinese become weakness and indecision because of life’s environment. However, after reading Hard Years, efforts should be made to change the situation and create their times. Secondly, China has the same time with Mark Twin. That is, the late Qing dynasty. And at that time, it has a poor reputation and people do not have much to depend on for their living. Therefore, they were enlightened after Chinese people reading the book of Mark Twain and combining the situation---as long as the people in china against with unhealthy tendency by means of your wills and spirits, treating earnestly their weakness and correct it the country will get stronger.


      Key words: Mark Twain’s; Hard Years; Influence





      1. Introduction-1

      2.The Introduction of Mark Twain’s Life-1

      3.The Comparison of Mark Twain's Era and the Era in Old China-.2

      3.1The Situation of Domestic China-2

      3.2 The Situation of  Overseas-3

      4. The Influence of His Work Hard Years on China-6

      4.1The Influence of Hard Yeas on  Chinese American.-6

      4.2 The Influence of Hard Years  on Chinese in the Same Period-8

      5. Conclusion-9



      上傳會員 小妖 對本文的描述:他的作品《艱苦歲月》中提到了在美華人生活的艱辛和工作的辛苦。馬克吐溫的這本書給當時的在美華人和同樣處于那個年代的中國人帶來了深厚的影響:首先從舊中國的社會背景入手......
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