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      資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:好男孩 更新時間:2016-06-15
      需要金幣1000 個金幣 資料包括:完整論文 下載論文
      轉換比率:金額 X 10=金幣數量, 例100元=1000金幣 論文字數:6768
      折扣與優惠:團購最低可5折優惠 - 了解詳情 論文格式:Word格式(*.doc)

      Abstract:John Steinbeck is a significant writer in the 20th century. The Grapes of Wrath – a social critical novel – is one of his best works. Since eco-criticism was introduced into literary study, people began to interpret the book based on ecology. 

      This thesis will analyze others’ researches to reveal Steinbeck’s ecological ideas from the perspective of eco-criticism. In particular, some parts of the thesis will combine Steinbeck’s ideas with Bible. This betters the understanding of the novel. The thesis will briefly introduce the background and main content of eco-criticism and explore the natural, social and spiritual crises embodied in the book. The natural crises are anthropocentrism and industrialization; the social crises are the capitalistic economy and egoism; and the spiritual crisis is the disillusionment of American dream. Steinbeck reveals these three crises and advocates collectivism and harmonious man-man and man-nature relationships. The thesis hopes to offer reference for today’s environmental protection.


      Key words: John Steinbeck; Eco-criticism; Ecological Ideas; Bible; The Grapes of Wrath





      1. Introduction-1

      2. Literature Review-2

      3. An Introduction to Eco-criticism-4

      4. Steinbeck’s Social Ecological Ideas in The Grapes of Wrath-6

      4.1 Opposition to Anthropocentrism-6

      4.2 Denouncing the Industrial Civilization-7

      4.3 Criticizing Capitalistic Economy-8

      4.4 Reprehending Egoism and Advocating Collectivism-10

      4.5 Expressing the Disillusionment of American Dream-11

      5. Conclusion-13

      Works Cited-15

      上傳會員 好男孩 對本文的描述:本篇論文將分析他人的研究,用生態批評理論揭示斯坦貝克的生態觀。值得一提的是,論文中一些部分把斯坦貝克的思想與《圣經》結合。這有助于對小說的理解。論文簡單介紹了生態......
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