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      資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:王導 更新時間:2017-09-22
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       Fantasy novels can be said to be the most popular popular literature since the 21st century. The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter is familiar with the Western fantasy works, the domestic Sou Shen Ji, Zhu Xian, and other Chinese fantasy novel. In 21 century, Western fantasy novels began to be introduced to China, and set off the rise of Chinese fantasy novels. Chinese fantasy novels are influenced by western fantasy novels. The early fantasy works in the country have distinctive characteristics of western novels. However, with the development of the network, Chinese fantasy novels absorb Chinese culture and rely on the network, thus forming their own characteristics. In the process of localization  of Chinese fantasy novels, there are many differences in the construction of western fantasy novels. In the first part, the definition of the fantasy novel since the emergence of fantasy literature has been summarized. And analyzes Tolkien's "secondary world" theory and his contribution to it. The second part analyzes the essential elements of the Chinese and Western Fantasy Novels and the performance in the "secondary world". The third part analyzes and compares the differences in the construction of Chinese and Western fantasy novels. In the final conclusion, the analysis of the construction of the "secondary world" of fantasy literature is a realistic mapping, expressing people in the ever-changing society of science and technology, the pursuit of return to the original idea.


      Key words: Fantasy novels; secondary world; difference study





      Chapter 1 Literature Review.1

      Chapter 2 The Construction of the Second World in Fantasy Novels5

      2.1 Geographical Environment and Various Race5

      2.2 The intricate political system and the belief system.8

      2.3 Strength and Magic.10

      Chapter 3 The Differences in the Construction of "Second World" in Chinese 

      and Western Fantasy Novels 13

       3.1 The meaning of the difference in construction of "secondary  world"13

       3.2 Contrast on difference in construction of "Secondary  World"14

       3.2.1 Difference in Completely secondary world construction.14

        3.2.2 Difference in semi-secondary world construction .16  

        3.2.3 Difference in the real world consist of second world construction17

       3.3 Analysis of Differences in Secondary World 





      上傳會員 王導 對本文的描述:分析了托爾金的“第二世界”理論及對貢獻。第二部分析中西奇幻小說在“第二世界”需具備的要素及各要素具體表現。第三部分,分析,對比中西奇幻小說在構建上的差異。最后結論......
      發表評論 (我們特別支持正能量傳遞,您的參與就是我們最好的動力)
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