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      資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:佩佩教授 更新時間:2017-09-05
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        Dalian is a famous scenic area of the Northeast with a beautiful environment and pleasant climate. As the inter-cultural exchanges getting closer than ever, more and more foreign travelers have been coming to Dalian for a visit, which makes the English translation of tourists spots has become particularly important.

        However, for a long time, the English translation of the tourist area in Dalian has been in chaos. Due to the different language structures and unfamiliar culture the English translation of tourists spots in Dalian is facing many difficulties and challenges.

        Being taken as a purposeful behavior, the English translation of tourists spots is related with many factors such like time and place of recipient as well as the expectant function of the text. Not interfering with readers but approaching to the recipient, domestication aims at minimizing the exoticism in the translation and providing a natural and smooth translation for the target language reader. Since domestication method focuses on solving the cultural differences in the process of translation, it is widely used in the translation of tourism. Therefore, the application of domestication in the translation of Dalian tourist spots is of a certain practical significance.

        This paper gives a brief overview of the English translation of Dalian tourists attractions, and discusses the translation of tourist spots in Dalian from the perspective of domestication, with a view to helping the translation of tourists attractions and making a little contribution to the international cultural exchanges.

      Key Words:translation, Tourist attractions; Domestication





      1. Introduction-1

      1.1 The Present Situation of Translation of DalianTourists Spots-1

      1.2The Problems of Translation of Tourists Spots-2

      1.2.1 Inappropriateness-2

      1.2.2Grammatical and Spelling Mistakes-3

      1.2.3 Inaccuracy-4

      1.2.4 Passive Subjectivity of Translators-4

      1.3 The Significance of the Study-5

      2. Theoretical Background-6

      2.1 Language Features of the Translation of Tourists Spots-6

      2.1.1Extent Application of Nouns-6

      2.1.2The Application of Verbs and Gerunds-6

      2.1.3The Application of Verb Phrase and Noun Phrase-6

      2.1.4The Application of Abbreviation-6

      2.1.5 The Use of the Combination of Words and Signs-6

      2.1.6 Limited Unfamiliar Vocabulary -7

      2.1.7 The Application of Present Tense-7

      2.1.8 The Application of Imperative Sentence-7

      2.2 Normalization and Standard of the Vocabulary in Tourists Spots..7

      2.3 Classifications of the Translation of Tourists Spots..8

      2.3.1 Directing Scenic Public Signs-8

      2.3.2Prompting Scenic Public Signs-8

      2.3.3 Restricting Scenic Public Signs-8

      2.3.4 Compelling Scenic Public Signs-9

      2.4 The Significance and Importance of the Translation of Tourists Spots...9

      2.5 The Text Types of the Translation of Tourists Spots..9

      3.Methods and Strategies-11

      3.1 Domestication-11

      3.1.1 Definition of Domestication-11

      3.1.2 Theoretical Basis of Domestication Translation-13

      3.1.3The Rationale of Domestication Translation.-14

      3.2 The Application of Domestication-18

      3.2.1 The Application of Loan Words-20

      3.2.2 The Application of Imitation-21

      4. Conclusion-22



      上傳會員 佩佩教授 對本文的描述:Being a peninsula city surrounded by seas on its three sides and known as “Window of the Northeast” and “Pearl of the North”, Dalian is located in the southernmost tip of Northeast China, near the Yellow Sea in the east and the Bohai......
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