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      資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:王導 更新時間:2017-09-30
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      Trademark is a legitimate registration of brand. The international trademarks play an important role in our daily life, and it has become one of the main ways of competition between countries. However, in the translation of trademarks, the existence of cultural differences and other problems can not reflect the value of commodities in the international market, which to a certain extent violates the important principles of trademark translation, including consistency and profundity. This paper mainly discusses trademark translation and its principles, analyzes the functions of trademark translation, common practices, and some existing problems. This paper puts forward an effective translation method and strategy, which makes the translation of trademarks establish a good brand image in the international market. 

      Key words: trademark; translation; principles





      1 Introduction-1

      2 Literature Review-2

      2.1 Studies Abroad-2

      2.2 Studies in China-2

      3 An Analysis on the Function of Trademark Translation-3

      3.1 Trademark Translation and Mass Consumption Psychology-4

      3.2 The Function of Trademark Translation-5

      4 Principles of Trademark Translation-5

      4.1 Reflecting the Characteristics of Products-6

      4.2 Easy to Understand and Remember.-6

      4.3 Respecting the National Culture of the Target Language-6

      4.4 The Connection of Phonetics and Semantics-7

      5 Common Methods of Trademark Translation-7

      5.1 The Method of Transliteration-7

      5.2 The Method of Free Translation-8

      5.3 The Method of Combination-8

      5.4 The Trend of “NO Translation”-9

      6 The Main Factors of Affecting Trademark Translation-9

      6.1 Basic Factors-10

      6.2 Cultural Factors-10

      6.2.1 English and Chinese Cultural Differences-11

      6.2.2 Cultural Differences among Consumers-11

      7 Problems in Trademark Translation-12

      7.1 Not Conforming to the Local Culture-12

      7.2 The Lack of Innovation-13

      8 Strategy to the Existing Problems-13

      8.1 Understanding the Cultural Customs of Various Ethnic Groups-13

      8.2 Using Appropriate Translation Methods-14

      9 Conclusion-14


      上傳會員 王導 對本文的描述:本課題主要探討了商標翻譯及其原則,分析了商標翻譯的作用、常見手法、存在的一些問題和原則等。并在此基礎上,為之提出了行之有效的翻譯策略,從而使得商標的翻譯在商品的營......
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