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      Beloved is Toni Morrison’s masterpiece related to black women. When it was published in 1987, it has raised many scholars’ attention and made a good effect in American Literature. Beloved tells a story about three generations of black women’s miserable life under the oppression of slavery, and through their efforts from generation to generation, they gradually realize their self-growth and independence. 

      This article is composed of four parts. In the introduction, Toni Morrison’s life experience and works are reviewed. And based on these, this article is mainly discussing about the self-growth of black women in Beloved. The second chapter analyses and summarizes the formation and development of Black Feminism and it also regards to the research achievement of Beloved at home and abroad. The third chapter is about black women’s efforts from generation to generation. Firstly, black women numbly face the double oppression brought by slavery. Then they have the sense of black feminism consciousness, and actions are taken to fight the slavery. Finally, with the help of community, black women greet their brightness and future. The last part makes a conclusion of the main ideas of this article: The black women have to stay strong and optimistic, and face the pain brought by slavery directly. Only the self-consciousness of black women is constructed can black women win their real liberty.


      Key words: Beloved; black women: self-growth





      1 Introduction-1

      2 Literature Review-2

      3 Three generations of black women in Beloved-6

      3.1Baby Suggs — the initial awakening of self-consciousness-6

      3.2 Sethe — the reconstruction of self-consciousness-8

      3.3.Denver — the establishment of self-consciousness-10

      4 Conclusion-12


      上傳會員 王導 對本文的描述:Toni Morrison is a writer with strong racial consciousness. It is known that slavery is an extremely heavy topic in American history. Each time when people talk about slavery, their memories would be filled with darkness, depression and chao......
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