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      資料分類:英語論文 上傳會員:夢溪 更新時間:2017-10-12
      需要金幣1000 個金幣 資料包括:完整論文 下載論文
      轉換比率:金額 X 10=金幣數量, 例100元=1000金幣 論文字數:5671
      折扣與優惠:團購最低可5折優惠 - 了解詳情 論文格式:Word格式(*.doc)

      Abstract: The screen-adaptation of vampire novels has been decades old. In recent years, this kind of adaptation becomes more and more popular in the film and television market. So we can see that many variously images of vampires appearing on screen and some of them surprises audiences. In this trend, Dracula has been adapted many times as the first vampire image in the novel. In this thesis, I will contrast the two images of Dracula in the novel Dracula written by Bram Stoker in 1897 and in the TV series Dracula produced by NBC in 2013. By the contrast, the embodiment and analysis of his image change, especially his humanization change will be stated in three aspects, including physiological changes, psychological changes and social relationships changes. Then, this thesis will introduce some other cases in other similar adaptations to figure out the reasons why these changes are made, which are as follows: modern audiences have new aesthetics and tastes for films or TV series; enriching the diversity of screen works are expected in today’s film and television market; more scriptwriters begin trying a bold and more creative way of deconstructing and reconstructing literature images. 


      Key words: Dracula vampire humanization screen-adaptation






      1. Dracula’s Physiological Changes-1

      1.1 The Contrast of Two Images Physically-2

      1.2 Cause Analysis of Dracula’s Physiological Changes-3

      2. Dracula’s Psychological Changes-4

      2.1 The Embodiment of Humans’ Needs and Intelligence Activities on Dracula-4

      2.2 How The Embodiment Illustrate Dracula’s Changes-7

      2.3 Cause Analysis of Dracula’s Psychological Changes-8

      3. The Changes of Dracula’s Social Relationships-9

      3.1 Some Important Figures’ Relationship Changes with Dracula-9

      3.2 The Change of Dracula’s Social Roles-11

      3.3 Cause Analysis of the Changes of Dracula’s Social Relationships-11




      上傳會員 夢溪 對本文的描述:本文將布拉姆·斯托克創作于1897年的小說《德古拉》中的德古拉形象與美國NBC電視臺2013年出品的電視劇《德古拉》中的德古拉形象作比較,從生理、心理和社會關系這三方面進行德古拉......
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